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Unfair Rage Platformer is a 2D Platformer game.

It is a difficult unfair game that requires good platformer skills.

There are many tricks and traps placed among the levels.

There are 3 worlds each contains 5 levels and 1 boss level.
If you are bored and looking for a challenge this might be the game for you.

Controls(can be changed in game)

Move Left- left arrow

Move Right - right arrow

Jump - Z

Dismount- X

pause - Esc

Screenshots and trailer are from the mobile version.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Difficult, rage, unfair, Unity


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UnfairRagePlatformer64bitVer3.zip 29 MB
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could you pass me all the source code to see how it is made? Pass it to me here kkernoxx@gmail.com. Thx :) and really good work


OMFG I haven't raged like this in a long time! So far I was only able to beat level 1 and it took a lot outta of me just to do that. It's a PERFECT RAGE GAME!! xD


Had fun trying out this game! It was definitely hard but also enjoyable as well!


Hello! I played this in my impossible lets play and its really fun! its a good rage game and im going to play it again soon! here's my playthrough if you wanna see. 


i was truly terrible at this game but i t gave a few good laughs and for sure a rage out :D game starts at 1:14 i hope you enjoy the video.

Nice! Thanks for playing! best reaction at 5:58 lolz .


haha thanks for you comment back and glad you liked it :D


good game really hard i like it its not close to other rage platformer

Thank you!


You want the ultimate rage game ever, well here you go. Its right here. Good luck, actually good fucking luck my fellow mates. Gameplay Starts At 5:45

Nice! Thanks for playing my game! Lolz the rage.

Hi there, I'm not really familiar with your channel but seeing your Let's Play of Unfair Rage Platformer made me wonder if you would be interested in playing my game:


The reason I recommend this to you is because it's similar to URP in the sense that their both rage inducing platformers (unless making PewDiePie, Justin Bieber or Jar-Jar Binks suffer hilariously gruesome deaths is your thing, in that case, you'd be laughing too much to be angry).